Sustainable Business Practices

Green Terra Consulting offers the possibility to implement several sustainable business practices.

Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

In 2012 the European Energy-Efficiency Directive (EED) was established. This guideline states a European goal of a 20% lower European energy consumption in 2020 and includes obligations for member states as well as for companies.

For organizations with more than 250 employees the EED is mandatory in the EU. If your organisation is smaller, the EED might still be beneficiary since there are a number of advantages; lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and a marketing advantage on your competitors.

Intake, business processes analysis and final report with conclusion and step by step recommendations for a straightforward implementation.

energy efficiency directive

Carbon Management

It has been proven irrefutably that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are by far the most important factor in the creation of the global temperature on earth. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) – the most common greenhouse gas in our atmosphere – is the cause of the current warming of our planet.

Further warming can be prevented by greatly reducing these emissions now. Everyone can contribute to this goal; companies, consumers and government.

Intake, business process analysis, reporting, final report with conclusion and recommendations.

air polution

Circular Business Practices

The use of the words circularity and circular seems fashionable. We see them everywhere nowadays. Unfortunately, few know what they really entail and what is needed to act in a circular manner or to create a circular economy. This is understandable since circularity can be complex and environmental scientific knowledge is essential to implement a circular business process let alone a circular economy.

Perhaps you already know what to do, or are considering implementing circularity in your business processes. No matter what stage you are in, we can be of assistance.

Intake, business process analysis, cradle-to-cradle analysis, reporting, final report with conclusion and recommendations.


Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Accurately analyze the environmental impact of your product or service. By carrying out the LCA you analyze the total environmental impact of your product or service and the impact per specific life phase. This information offers unique insight in energy use, waste generation, recycling options and efficient use of resources. With the LCA you can take specific actions and make adjustments in your business or production processes.

The LCA has proven to be a practical and indispensable tool. Many companies wanting to take their responsibility and to minimize the harmful effects of their business activities have preceded you. Also suitable for service companies.

Intake, business process analysis and final report with conclusion and recommendations. Price depends on product or service complexity.

life cicle analysis